While clinching a job is a daunting task sustaining the momentum is critical especially for the passive individuals who expend little or no energy towards the attainment of their career goals.

Personal development and coaches and psychologist say that although there are no straight paths towards desired success, people must be prepared to wade through the murky terrains and veraciously overcome the hurdles they encounter. They must develop resilience in the wake of imminent upheavals that threaten to rob them of their vision.

Resilience refers to the ability of an individual to recover or bounce back from seemingly impossible setbacks. It does not resonate with cowards as it challenges the individual to develop and maintain elasticity in the face of adversity.

A resilient attitude kills helplessness and misery, enabling the individual to overcome problems and recognize the opportunity presented by life’s turmoil and refocus on a new formula for attaining goals

In the world of work only organizations whose work force has a significant degree of resilience achieve healthy bottom lines. Indeed achieving in the 21st century is had as it calls for being disruptive while at the same time being responsive to disruption. This undoubtedly means that recruiters must be on the lookout for talent that not only catalysis the attainment of cooperate objectives but also whose creativity, imagination, innovation and resilience can be tapped to ensure the company remains competitive.

Never say die resilient enterprises never say die they are capable of resurrecting and building a more solid businesses, especially if they have made soft skills training part of their agenda.

Building resilience with the aim of growing an awesome career is not a walk in the park it is a hard nut to crack. The areas that call for resilience include the demand for suppleness in the wake of frequent changing of priorities, overload, stressful bosses and underpayment.

While some people are naturally resilient and auto recover from hardships that test them beyond limit, those who exhibit tolerance to downtime can easily learn new habits that will enable them to develop resilience.

The adage “where there is will there is way’ holds true in developing resilience especially when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and the individual must create the light with possibility thinking

Characteristics of resilient people include staunch acceptance of reality. A deep belief of ones values an uncanny ability to improvise when in lack and stubbornly holding on to hope that things will get better. The ability to cope well with pressure, adversity and uncertainty relies on developing certain behavior thoughts and actions. Some of the secrets of developing resilience and thick skin include first up-skilling your resilience capacity by stocking up your mental barn with ideas and resolutions that create good fodder for a comeback.

A resilience person’s ‘sky’ is not always falling as they believe that they have the capacity to responsively tackle the stimuli and remain on the success path.

Second is being a person of excellence who has resigned themselves to the winning state of learning and self-improvement. Their take is that life teaches them valuable lesson when the sun shines as well as darkness sets in

Third is the belief that change management and good living are synonymous and problems should never be swept under the carpet but dissolved. Also having faith in you and in life thereby eradicating fear

Developing resilience can also be quickened by vacating the toxic environment, helping a needy person, singing a song or even watching a comedy to dislodge the negative impact from your body systems.

Finally the habit of falling forward will ensure that you always make progress even when falling.