An ineffective workforce can be a major hindrance to organizational growth. Many employees are well qualified in their areas of specialization. However they lack crucial skills necessary in delivery at the work place. At PeopleLink Consultants, we offer you tailor made training programs necessary to sharpen your work force, raise productivity and the overall well being of the organization.

We also focus on developing people outside the organization. We recognize the need to improve the quality of the general labour pool in this country, as this will inevitably raise the bar on the skills and ability of labour procured from the market. This is a huge responsibility and as such we work with local and international partners in making steps towards the attainment of this noble goal.

Through our life skills program we envisage to reach thousands of current and potential job seekers in the near future. PeopleLink Consultants Ltd is approved by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as a training provider, contact us today for a comprehensive brochure of our training services.

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