Enjoy Stress Free Recruiting

Staff recruitment expenses remains a major item in the profit and loss account of many institutions. The annual costs of employment related advertising, shortlisting and interview time as well as training and development of new staff can be quite substantial.

At Peoplelink we are committed to helping you reduce these costs dramatically. Today Peoplelink offers a wide range of unbelievably cost effective recruitment services. We maintain a large pr-vetted job seekers data bank that is available for you at any time. Currently a substantial part of the placement requests are filled from the data bank  with the balance coming from external sources, as and when required.

Our service is tailor made to client specifications and includes the following:

  • Discussion and agreement on our extremely friendly terms
  • Receipt and confirmation of Order
  • Skills Matching and Short listing
  • Preliminary Interviewing
  • Forwarding of Candidates to Employer
  • Employer Interviewing and Selection
  • Job Placements
  • Presentation of final invoice
  • Post Placement Review and Followup

Where applicable the charges for advertising, aptitude tests and other additional services are payable upfront by the employer. We also envisage to maintain strict confidentiality with all our clients. Any information that may come to our attention during this recruitment process is treated with utmost confidentiality.

Our Guarantee

Should an employee leave be it after one month or even six months, Peoplelink will be happy to replace at absolutely no cost to the employer

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