Need a Job? Worry no more!

Job seeking is increasingly becoming a very expensive affair. Only a small percentage of job seekers are able to land the right jobs at the right time. Besides the time and energy consumed, job seeking can leave even the strongest person feeling dejected, low in energy and extremely demoralized

What makes job seeking so difficult?

  • Lack of information regarding where jobs are available.
  • Inadequate career guidance.
  • Inappropriate course mix.
  • Poor choice of jobs especially with the medium and high cadre jobs.
  • Poor communication and negotiation skills.
  • Fear of rejection.

Any successful job seeker must begin with polishing their skills in the areas mentioned above. At Peoplelink we don’t just set you up for an interview. We also give you invaluable tips on how to carry yourself successfully through an interview for any job qualified for. Irrespective of your situation, you can save yourself the heartache of job seeking. We will do the donkey’s work for you – get the jobs where they are and call you for the interview!

Registration Procedure

Option 1: Walk-in Registration Procedure

  • Visit our office in person and bring your CV and academic papers.
  • Complete a registration form. In this form you must indicate the exact job preference, work experience, expected salary and 3 next-of-kin referees who can reach you within 24 hours.
  • Pay a consultation fee of 4,000/=
  • Email your C.V to facilitate filing of a soft version of your record, the emailed C.V must be in MS word format.
  • Go home, relax and wait for our call. We recommend that job seekers keep an open mind to reduce the waiting period. Choosy people tend to have longer waiting periods.
  • As you wait for the phone call take the time to polish your interactive communication skills in readiness for the interview. As a rule you should never take an interview for granted.
  • It is important to work on your interview skills by taking advantage of our career counseling sessions available at the office. All registered candidates receive 50% DISCOUNT on all career counseling and interview coaching services.

Option 2: Online Registration Procedure – Recommended for those unable to visit the office in person.

  • Step 1: Please fill the online job seeker registration form below..
  • Step 2: Pay the Registration fee. A one off consultation and interview fee of Ksh 4,000 is payable for every eligible job applicant.


After completing the two steps above you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep the details in the email safe for future reference.This service is open to job seekers from all backgrounds. We use a first-come-first-served policy in allocation of available jobs. As such every job seeker must do their part and ensure that they attend all interviews upon invitation.

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