At peoplelink consultants Ltd, we recognize the need of job placement assistance for all of our graduates as a legitimate need for most job seekers. Besides the time and energy consumed, job seeking can even leave the strongest person feeling dejected and even rejecting themselves.



  • Tendency for companies to hire internally and prominence of qualified candidates.
  • Private job postings
  • Internal hiring preferences
  • Reluctance to hire overqualified candidates
  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack career guidance

Registration procedure

Option 1: Walk-in Registration Procedure

  • Visit our office in person and bring your CV and academic papers.
  • Complete a registration form. In this form you must indicate the exact job preference, work experience, expected salary and 3 next-of-kin referees who can reach you within 24 hours.
  • Pay a consultation fee of 4,000/=
  • Email your C.V to facilitate filing of a soft version of your record, the emailed C.V must be in MS word format.
  • Go home, relax and wait for our call. We recommend that job seekers keep an open mind to reduce the waiting period. Choosy people tend to have longer waiting periods.
  • As you wait for the phone call take the time to polish your interactive communication skills in readiness for the interview. As a rule you should never take an interview for granted.
  • It is important to work on your interview skills by taking advantage of our career counseling sessions available at the office. All registered candidates receive 50% DISCOUNT on all career counseling and interview coaching services.

Option 2: Online Registration Procedure – Recommended for those unable to visit the office in person.

  • Step 1: Please fill the online job seeker registration form below..
  • Step 2: Pay the Registration fee. A one off consultation and interview fee of Ksh 4,000 is payable for every eligible job applicant.

After completing the two steps above you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep the details in the email safe for future reference.This service is open to job seekers from all backgrounds. We use a first-come-first-served policy in allocation of available jobs. As such every job seeker must do their part and ensure that they attend all interviews upon invitation.

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