Most employers look for candidates who possess both soft skills and hard skills. This means that the candidates have to prove that they indeed have the relevant skills for the available job openings. However, it is quite tasking and the time taken before the interviewers can get the right candidates is long. The interviewing process is marred by the inability to get the right candidates.

One of the reasons as to why candidates are failing is because of lack of proper documentation. In as much as candidates claim to be qualified on their C.V’s, they cannot produce the documents to prove that they have taken the course. Some claim that they are yet to graduate while others say that they either misplaced their documents or they got destroyed due to a catastrophic event. All employers want to see the original documents for verification due to the increase in forgery cases.

The other reason as to why the interview process experiences some challenges is due to the lack of technical skills. The candidates may have all the required documents but they can barely put into practice the lessons learnt in school. It makes it difficult for the interviewer to settle for the quailed candidate especially if it is a technical job.

In addition to this, lack of soft skills, for instance, good communication skills and emotional stability leads to unsuccessful applications. Some candidates cannot express themselves thus making it hard for the interviewer to understand them. Every organization looks for a candidate who will add value to them and if the candidate cannot prove that they have the skills, it becomes hard to conclude the interview process.

Poorly written C.V’s and cover letters are also contributing factors to unsuccessful applications. These two documents are very important since they determine whether the interviewer will be interested in meeting the candidate. A good CV should give a clear picture of the holder. Failure to capture the relevant information only make it difficult for the candidate to be shortlisted. Sadly, most jobseekers are unwilling to use the services of professional CV advisors.

In conclusion, it is important to note that majority of the challenges experienced by employers during interviews can be fixed by jobseekers. This can be done through understanding the job market and researching on what is expected during an interview.