Many people consider career achievement as a primary goal of life. They spend countless hours and financial resources figuring out how to beat the competition and remain on the highway to success. They concentrate on high level career growth determinants such as education and managerial skills but grossly disregard the simple common sense manners and the roles they play in propelling your career.

Though very common in primary school classrooms and discussions involving children, simple common sense manners are a rare topic among adults. The unfortunate thing is that many adults suffer from lack of these manners just like they did years ago in childhood. These bad habits may pass unnoticed once, but will definitely earn you a negative tag in the long run.

Among the many bad habits to watch out for is nose and ear picking. Far too many people take these habits for granted and almost think it’s a normal. The truth is that they are disgusting to anyone watching especially around food areas. The fundamental rule of brushing teeth several times a day is at the back of everyone’s mind. However some people still walk around displaying the remains of the last meal on their teeth, not to mention the offensive odor especially in close conversations.

Other bizarre habits include open sneezing and spitting. It is rather weird how many people will spit on sinks especially in restaurants even where clear instructions to the contrary are indicated. Others will shamelessly spit on the floor in the office toilet in total disregard for other users. Perhaps the most annoying habit is the weird practice of stepping on the toilet seat. Someone once commented that people who do this are trying to recreate a pit latrine in the office, having been accustomed to one for most of their rural life.

Other bad toilet manners include stealing tissue papers and other toiletries. Since you need tissue at home anyway, it is only fair to have a small budget for it. Of all the toilet bad habits, none beats the uncanny behavior of failing to wash your hands after exiting the toilet. Should you have this habit, do not wonder why people avoid shaking your hands or even borrowing your computer in the office.

Some people will be seen openly scratching some unmentionable sections of their bodies in total disregard of their colleagues. Others will fart without consideration causing great pain to others especially in open office settings. Eating manners have not been spared either. Controlled conversation during eating time should be the norm. Talking loudly as you eat will only serve to put others off. After food comes the tooth pick. Some people spot toothpicks at any time of the day, others will place used toothpicks on their desks, drawers and even shared office areas. Worse still some people will openly pick their teeth with their nails amidst normal conversation with no intention of later washing their hands

Though some of these acts may be discreet, they will not remain so for long. People will gradually add the pieces and discover the true culprit. Once this happens your graph as they say will already be drawn. It takes great effort to correct the wrong impressions created through these bad habits. Make a conscious decision to instill these basic manners today.

Author: Goretti Kimani.