The recruitment process enables a business to obtain the staff that they require to fulfil specific job roles. These staff may need to be recruited to replace employees who have left, or because the business is growing, or because the business needs staff with specific skills.

Replacing employees who leave

Staff may leave a job for a number of reasons. They may have gained a promotion, either within the business or in another business, they may have retired, or they may be leaving to do something completely different. In addition, some staff will leave because they have been sacked.

Whatever the reason for leaving, if the job is still required then the business will need to recruit a new member of staff.

At peoplelink,we recruit people who are looking for jobs for other companies before they are being called for interview by the interviewer,we recruit people for different jobs that our clients wants us to recruit for them.

Documents used for recruitment

When businesses wish to recruit they usually prepare two key documents, a person specification to define the type of person the business wishes to recruit, and a job description to describe all the duties involved in the role.

Person specification

A person specification is a document created by a business that wants to fill a vacancy. This document provides information about the type of person the business wants to hire. A person specification includes details about the educational background, skills, experience and personal qualities the business wants applicants to have.

Often, a person specification is split into two sections – ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’. If something is classed as essential, it means a person must have it in order to apply for the role. An example could be experience in a similar role or a certain qualification. In contrast, if something is classed as desirable, it means it is not a necessity to apply for the role, although it may give applicants a better chance of getting the job.

Job description

A job description is another document produced by a business that wants to fill a vacancy. Its main purpose is to list all of the duties that are required in the role. A job description may include the job title, rate of pay or salary, bonus information, hours of work, location of work, all duties included in the role and who the new employee would report to in the business.