JOB PURPOSE: To ensure completeness and accuracy of the day-to-day human resource functions for our outsourcing client and ensure that workers are effectively managed to attain efficiency while increasing productivity for our client.



  1. Degree or Diploma in Human Resource Management
  2. Knowledge of the Kenyan Labour Laws.
  3. Good supervision and management skills
  4. Good communication skills


Skills and Competencies

  1. Ability to manage people while ensuring the organization goals is met.
  2. Problem solving and time management skills.
  3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. High Emotional quotient
  5. Possess proven computer skills.
  6. Is attentive to detail and can multitask.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for implementing HR policies and procedures and ensuring that they are adhered to.
  2. Assisting in the recruitment and separation of staff.
  3. Responsible for induction and orientation of new employees.
  4. Addressing any staff concerns and queries to the relevant person via the right channels.
  5. Monitor on clocking/attendance of all the seconded employees. Report cases of absenteeism or work abandonment.
  6. Acting as the liaison between the Client Ltd and Peoplelink as far as effective workers management is concerned
  7. Attend all meetings requested by client or HQ to appraise and evaluate the extent to which employee outsourcing is responding to the client’s organizational ‘pain points’. The supervisor is expected to be fully away of the all-tangible goals. The same is also communicated from time to time.
  8. Participate in all trainings and reporting on the business meeting deliberations as well as providing degree of impacts.
  9. Ensure uniforms and PPEs are worn at all time.
  10. Handle disciplinary cases as per the set disciplinary procedures.
  11. Manage offs and leave days by employing appropriate Rota system.
  12. Liaising with Clients representatives and Peoplelink management to escalate issues when they arise.
  13. Ensuring that the customer care rules are read and applied by each and every staff.
  14. Ensuring that office common sense due care is adhered to- these include; good grooming, cleanliness of shop floor, kitchen area, toilets and lines, as well as avoidance of unnecessary interruptions like excessive phone usage. The customer is the reason our business exist, the customer is the king.
  15. Handle accidents and ensure due process is followed in reporting the occurrences.
  16. Manage and report any undesirable incidences at the workplace.
  17. Train workers on the usage of the Grievance Handling Procedure Chart and other provisions from the Client. He/she should ensure that strikes, go-slows are avoided at all times.





  1. Participate in meetings with Client and Consultants.
  2. Participate in trainings needs identifications and assessments.
  3. Participate in yearly performance appraisals for seconded employees.
  4. Providing written weekly reports and score cards.
  5. Visiting sites/branches to ensure that workers adhere to the set reporting time and carrying out their duties as provided in the JD.
  6. Basic management of job evaluation for all seconded staff
  7. Any other duty as advised by either the Client’s HR office or the Consultant.

Candidates to send their CV to with “Site Supervisor” as the subject