REPORTING TO: Production Engineer

1. Diploma/Degree in business management/ Engineering or any other related field
2. 2+ years’ experience of working on a Production Supervisor or other similar position
3. Plastic knowledge will be an added advantage
4. Strong communication and interpersonal skills
5. Self-motivated and an efficient problem solver
6. Ability to communicate technical issues and manage multiple priorities
7. Good Reporting skills
8. Good analytical and interpersonal skills
9. Computer Literate

1. Good communication skills
2. Confident decision making
3. Ability to act quickly
4. Effective planning
5. An eye for detail
6. Ability to take ownership
7. Basic Knowledge of ISO Systems, Kaizen, Quality Systems and standard health and safety
8. Basic Knowledge of good manufacturing practices and lean manufacturing policies and procedures
9. Basic Knowledge of plastics injection /blow molding and extrusion machine operations, basics of mold
design and utilities
10. Basic proficiency with computer applications and programs including email and Microsoft Office.
11. Ability to motivate, constructively criticize and build high production teams through exemplary
12. Excellent planning and organizational skill
13. Ability to plan and prioritize workload with a focus on urgent and important.
14. Excellent Analytical and record management skills
15. A willingness to embrace diversity, integrity, and empathy
16. Ability to be adaptable and flexible
A Production Supervisor will deliver best quality in a profitable manner. His duties will include monitoring and
assigning duties to employees with the help of the contractors on site by organizing workflows and analysing
the efficiency of manufacturing processes. He will be in charge of the shift and will communicate any urgent
issues to production Engineer. He is expected to be able to optimize day-to-day activities while minimizing the
costs and machine down time. He will supervisor the contractors and report any issues immediately.
1. Organize workflow by assigning responsibilities to all employees .
2. Oversee and coach employees at the factory.
3. Making sure that machine and working area of employees is kept clean always.
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4. Ensure the safe use of equipment is observed by employees while working closely with maintenance to
make sure maintenance schedule is followed.
5. Check production output according to specifications hanged on the machine by quality.
6. Daily recording of each employees production output verses the actual target and attend our morning
meetings and report any absenteeism
7. Daily/weekly/monthly objectives and communicate them to employees.
8. Allocate duties to production staff as per the production line on day to day basis with the help of
contractors supervisor.
9. Ensure coordination in production to improve efficiency.
10. Work closely with contractors to make sure that employee attendance data/records has been captured
and provide effective training to all staff members.
11. Ensuring materials/labels are accounted for at the floor and any damage or loss to be reported
12. Ensuring that all operators have reported any machine break down and a work order form filled.
13. Work closely with quality team to maintain product quality and maintain consistency.
14. Familiarize yourself with our product processing and give proposes for improvement
15. Educating the other junior staff on good manufacturing practices.
16. Ensuring workforce discipline is maintained within the working hours.
17. Check hygiene in the factory by making sure staff have worn clean uniforms and head gears.
18. Update Production Engineer on all the above as necessary
19. Ensure compliance to workplace policies according to safety objectives.
20. Develop and maintain effective relations with all company employees at various levels of organization.
21. Maintain and provide support to all 5-S program and prepare training program with the help of HR.
22. Carry out any other duties at the request of the management from time to time.

1. Increase in employees productivity.
2. Reduction in our machine Downtime.
3. Reduction in time wastage during mould mounting process
4. Reduction in our labels and materials wastages at the floor.
5. Increase in Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE)
6. Increase in employee retention rate
7. Reduced employee turn over rate
8. Capacity Utilization.

(Internal Opportunities for growth for high performers on management discretion.)
Production Supervisor Production Manager Operations /Factory manager