1. Set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments.
  2. Adhere to statutory compliance of all statutory equipment (pressure vessels, fire systems, lifting equipment etc.).
  3. Carryout planned mechanical maintenance and repairs to plant and equipment including pumps, hydraulic equipment, fire and lifting equipment.
  4. Maintenance and testing of statutory equipment (air compressors, boilers, pressure vessels and lifting equipment).
  5. Diagnose faults on plant and equipment to determine the faults and carry out repairs required.
  6. Conduct root cause analysis on mechanical malfunction or failure of operational equipment.
  7. Assist units with maintenance and repairs on mechanical equipment and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.


    1. Artisan National Trade Test Certificate Grade III / apprentice Certificate award by the National Industrial Training Authority or its equivalent and relevant qualification from a recognized institution.
    2. Minimum of 5 years post trade experience.
    3. Experience in health, safety, and statutory compliance in a workshop environment.
    4. Sound knowledge of maintenance of mechanical equipment.
    5. Knowledge of boilers, air compressors, lifting equipment and fire systems.
    6. Knowledge of mechanical building services and maintenance thereof.
    7. Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and to carry out fabrication from drawings.

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