Client Relationships

Building client relationships and winning new business- should have a hands- on approach with their clients, keeping in touch through regular communication, both face-to-face and online.

Team Talent

Finding, developing and mentoring team talent -responsible for ensuring a happy team that’s both creative and productive whilst looking after their

teams’ wellbeing by ensuring realistic workloads.

Operations and performance

Responsible for the overall direction and performance of the agency and must answer to the board of directors on results. Ensure the teams achieve KPIs and key metrics.

provide vision, and design strategies to increase revenue and grow the business.

Regularly meet with shareholders and stakeholders as an ambassador of their brand.

Responsible for the overall operation of the business.

Ensure timely completion of client’s projects. This involves making sure the team has the resources they need, as well as efficient systems and processes that allow team members to produce high-quality work for their clients.

Account Services

Manage client relationships through their account services team, made of account executives and account managers. These team members look after the day-to-day relationship with clients and act as their main point of contact within the agency.

Provide strategic vision for the account services team, ensuring outstanding service and strong relationships.

Agency Management

Coordinate the agency teams to ensure consistency in processes and systems, and that each team is working together and contributing to the business’ objectives.

Corporate Strategy


Overall responsibility for setting corporate strategy by deciding on the long-term objectives and design roadmaps to achieve them. Working to adapt their business models and operations to new trends.

Investment and Project Management

The Head of Business will decide on where their agency should invest to help them achieve their corporate strategy. They investigate different areas for investment, and assign their teams with assessing viability, conducting market research and defining the smaller details.



Must do:



  • Stay on top of industry trends-need to be up-to-date with the latest trends within their clients’ respective
  • Build a tight-knit team -regularly arrange in-house team engagement activities and encourage team bonding.
  • Network-constantly networking with different people from across the advertising sector to get their brand’s name out there and win new
  • Lead by example rolls their sleeves up, and gets involved with the operation which creates a strong, working culture.
  • Avoid the perfectionism trap-help build moments and empower their team to achieve their results in less time.
  • Never stop learning – to keep a fresh and varied
  • Keep things simple – simplify their business goals and visions to make them easier to
  • Create an exciting and passionate place to work. Be it through feedback, recognition, or bonuses, CEOs should drive engagement and create a passion within their


Required qualification

  • Skills in managing a marketing agency, marketing department
  • Deep knowledge of digital marketing and web development;
  • Marketing professional membership
  • Masters in a business or marketing course
  • Degree in Marketing or marketing course
  • 5-7 years working in management (leadership position) in a Marketing Agency
  • Sales and marketing skill
  • Team management



Interested candidate should send their CVs to jobs@peoplelink.co.ke with the email subject as Head of Business.


Only shortlisted shall be contacted.