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How to access advertised job openings PDF Print E-mail

We are constantly looking for people to fill various positions through our jobs website. To access  advertised job postings, CLICK HERE to be re-directed to our dedicated jobs site.

Once you are in the site, ensure you follow the following steps to REGISTER and  APPLY for available jobs

  1. Register as a user, you must authorise to send you emails. Once you register, an email is sent to your address. Open it and click on the confirmation link provided. You will be directed to the website to reset your password. Your account is now ready for use
  2. Click on My CV menu to update your membership. Ensure you key in the information as requested on the form. The information requested comes in handy in ensuring you get yourself short listed. Do not take any shortcuts. the ten minutes you spend is worth it. REMEMBER YOU DO THIS ONLY ONCE. SO TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT WELL.
  3. You are now ready to search jobs and apply.
  4. Set alerts as necessary to ensure you are kept updated when similar jobs are posted on the site

All applications will be subjected to our FIRST COME FIRST SERVED policy, based on qualifications, skills and experience

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